The unusual use of verb «gustar»

One of the first thing you learn when you start with Spanish lessons in Buenos Aires or anywhere else for first time is how to use verbo gustar. Its easy if you learn it after being introduced to the regular and irregular verbs structure like hablar, poder, comer, and others, as its different and very unique and it counts on pronouns like me,te,le,nos,les,les. So far, is not difficult to understand that this is one of the best ways in Spanish language we can express our likes, preferences and opinions, but, do you know about the unusual uses of gustar?.

I usually say:»me gusta el cine», «me gustan los viajes», y «me gusta viajar» I use the verb plus a singular noun, a plural noun and an infinitive verb. The trick comes when I wonder about other possible Spanish phrases like: does she like me? at this particular moment I have to quit following this structure and start using a phrase like this one: yo le gusto, and if I want to say I like her, «me gusta». If Im facing that person I should say «me gustas».These uses have nothing to do with the regular gustar verbs classical function we learn in the Spanish class, but they are useful and students want to be able to use although is not always taught because it doesnt really much follow any formula. Anyway, lets think a little and create a dialogue to make this clear:

María and Juan express their attraction to each other, they unveil it:

María: Me gustas

Juan: vos también me gustas

María:¿de verdad te gusto?

Juan: Sí, me gustas, y desde hace mucho tiempo. No sabía que yo te gustaba, ¡qué bueno que nos gustemos!


I hope this helps and makes the statements more clearer and Happy readings in Spanish!

Any questions about this topic are more than welcome!

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