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I hope you enjoy my website and find what you are looking for. Your Spanish learning journey starts now! I have been a Spanish Teacher in Buenos Aires teaching Spanish for 20 years now. I’ve helped students from all over the world to learn in an efficient and enjoyable way. In my Spanish classes, you have the chance to decide how many hours, days and months you are intending to study and design your own Study Plan.

 If  you need any help or advice, feel free to send me a message to my whatsapp! (54911) 5626 0162






Learning Spanish online and in person One on One offers students a great opportunity to learn in a more efficient and tailored way, you learn at your own pace and you have the chance of receiving corrections from your Spanish teacher. Plus you can learn from anywhere in the world, online anytime from the comfort of your couch. Would you like to know more about the method and options? Flexible times, interactive and conversational teaching methodology and the chance to design your own Spanish study plan!


Spanish Classes in Buenos Aires in Company


English or Spanish lessons in person or online upon request. I believe that to overcome language barriers it’s necessary to go through team building activities, to have a good business presentation´s performance and be able to have meaningful conversations.


We translate you!

Translation services available for companies and individuals, please send us your enquiry to Our certified translators will check your documents and will let you know about the fees.

Outdoor and Cultural activities in Buenos Aires/Learn Spanish!

We design the best outdoor activities according to your travel plans to Buenos Aires. We love that your Spanish Language Learning plan matches with great city sightseeing with our local historians,. As well, we organize real argentinian made by an authentic cook.

Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires is also about movie nights!

We hear all voices, please send us the names of your favorite films! We meet once a week, we talk about the movie background, we usually choose an argentinean one or from another place in Latin America.

Our Spanish Learning Walks

Do you like to learn a language by walking? Instead of being at the Spanish classroom we go for a walk though the best spots in the city and we practice our conversation while I help you with some corrections. Afterwards we visit a nice historical cafe where you will have the chance to practise your Spanish and we also make a review of the content we covered during the walk.

Packages and fees

One on one regular Spanish classes

-10 hours a week/ 2 hours a day

-Online: 190 usd

One on one regular Spanish Lessons

-5 hours a week/ chose the best days for you

-usd 110

Small group Spanish lessons, max 4 people

-10 hours a week, 2 hours a day

-usd 165

*For fees in other currencies and in ARS pesos, contact me

Classes in person and online starting in December 2021
We can meet either at your place or at historical cafes, Your choice!

I love to know whats your Spanish level if you have already learned it in the past, so please, fill this exam and let me know what the results are, so I can asess you better with the best Spanish learning plan!


Erin Mckalip

Gisela is a fantastic teacher of Argentinian Spanish and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to speed up the process of learning the language. I studied with Gisela for about four months when I first arrived in Buenos Aires. Because of Gisela, I was able to progress from speaking basically no Spanish, to being able to speak all day in Spanish, even with colleagues at work.

Dr. Jeremy D. Wilson, CONICE, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Gisela is highly trained and has an outstanding grasp on the complexities of Castellano. She explained the finer points of the grammar to me in a way that meant I could quickly understand and apply them. She was also incredibly patient and understanding and taught me at a pace that I could manage, which was important for me because I was working full time while learning Spanish.

Tiffany, from Oregon, US

I had one-on-one classes with Gisela for a couple of months in Buenos Aires. Although my Spanish level is inconsistent (sometimes I do pretty well, sometimes I’m tripped up by simple things), she quickly picked up on my weak points and introduced topics and exercises to help me work on them.

Olav Schewe

She provided lots of helpful corrections while also being patient and encouraging, plus she was fun to chat with and she introduced me to some cool places around town. She was always understanding when I failed to prepare; she’d just go with the flow and think of another topic or activity for us to focus on. I’d definitely recommend her for anyone looking for help with their Spanish – conversation, writing, or grammar – while in Buenos Aires.