Spanish practise through Tango listening and lyrics

It was Friday night and there was no plan in the city, unbeliveable!. Later that day, a friend of mine told me that there was a great bar called «Sanata» located in the Abasto neighborhood and beyond, not the best place to walk around on your own, but quite safe to walk in group and with some authentic places to visit like the typical bars plenty of older people sharing a pizza like in the 80´s. The picture of the area is nice, it is not the fancy Palermo or the nice Recoleta, is alternative and kind of grey.

It had been long time since I had so much fun at a tango bar, Sanata was really a lovely surprise. It was young, lively, fun, with a very interesting and large group brilliant musicians who played all night long for all of us, you only had to contribute with some money for the payment, there was not an entrance fee that night. The ambiance was cool and relaxed, it was absolutely spontaneus.

Pizza seems to be the most important meal of the place, although they might serve other dishes as well upon request; beer, wine, reasonable prices, great paintings  on the walls (of the most important argentinean tango singers and dancers) are the scenario for a different night in Buenos Aires!.If you feel like learning about eh argentinean slang, the way we use words in reverse slang, like fe-ca instead of café because its fun, so, listening to the tango lyrics at a cool tango bar could help. Also, I have realized that outside of the class in a laid back enviroment you can catch much more Spanish than the one you will probably catch in 2 days of intensive Spanish classes. It always depends on your good ear, attention, interest in advancing in the spanish learning process, but, all in all, is definitely, a great approach to the argentinean «porteño» Spanish you can learn in the street.

Sanata, and here it comes my love for etimology related in this case to argentinean culture, means (according to the Slang argentinean dictionary): its a hibrid way of  oral speaking, actually, is when you chat up someone trying to make that person to think or understand one specific thing. Usually, or most of the time, that thing, idea, or concept is an overreaction or it has been modified for the person´s own interest.


Sarmiento (3501) corner with Sánchez de Bustamante


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