Spanish from Uruguay and Argentina: get to know the most important differences

If you arrive in Buenos Aires for Learning Spanish, certainly, you will notice that our accent in Spanish has a strong music which probably makes you to remind the italian language. If you visit the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo, the sounds is much softer, the cadence is slower and the tone, lower. They sound more like the people from outside of Buenos Aires the ones who are from different regions all along the huge Buenos Aires Province.

Claro, por supuesto: (sure, of course),when agreeing with someone´s statement in Uruguay is usually replaced by the phrase: «Ahí va» (something like there you go).

Instead of (like the Porteños say when they want to say yes: Sí; the uruguay inhabitants tend to say «tà».

Snickers in Argentina are «zapatillas», in Uruguay: «champions»,

to be continued…

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