Friends day in Argentina: most common Spanish phrases

Friends day is big in Argentina. Is one of the most important non official celebrations all over the country and everybody gets together for that event. In Buenos Aires, if you live here or you are in vacation,the usual thing to do is to go to a restaurant, have a dinner at somone´s home or head to ome bar later in the night after work; I guess one of the most enjoyeable moments is when those friends, good ones, real, close or not that close feel that they want to share with others. July 20th is the date, is friends day in Argentina.

The most common phrases in Spanish in friends day

Many shops advertise with labels in their products that say: «para alguien muy special» (for someone special); «por los momentos compartidos y por muchos más» (for the shared moments and the ones coming);»un amigo siempre está»(a friend is always there); «un amigo es un hermano que elegimos» (a friend is a brother we chose). If you think you have something like friends day in your country, please share it here!. I hope you can use phrases like these ones for your friends this week.


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