More Spanish differences between Uruguay and Argentina

When you want to say boy in Spanish in buenos Aires, you might hear to: pibe, nene,chico, while in the northeast, gurí is the most common word and ¨chango» is the favourite one for the provinces of the north like Salta, Tucumán, Jujuy, among others. In Uruguay, a child or a young boy is going to be addressed like: gurí, botija, nene.

If its about the word «unemployed», in Argentinean Spanish, you can listen to: desempleado, desocupado, which are really clear as they come from the verbs which properly define this state.In our neighbor country, they usually use exactly the same words.

In the buildings in Buenos Aires, you will see that there are some people opening the door or taking care of the arrends in Argentina we call them: porteros (porter), encargados (person in charge of all the arrends), conserje if its a hotel. In Uruguay,»portero» is the most used one.