Chess in Buenos Aires-Spanish Speaking games in the square

Chess in Buenos Aires-Spanish Speaking games in the square

Men at Plaza Houssay playing chess during the week in a sunny afternoon in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I have written a short text when I uploaded the pictures some days ago but for soem reason I didnt show up. Lately i have been very active in the Buenos Aires cultural scene and Im very happy to see how much hungry people are about art in all its expressions. This people you see in the pictures are playing chess and one of the things I enjoyed most was that they were a small crowd and they had their own code, young and old, classic and trendy people at the same table for playing chess, lovely image indeed and I wanted to share this impression of the city. Happy Buenos Aires sightseeing and happy week of Spanish lessons!

The entrance of «La usina del arte»

The entrance

Almost like a castle from England,this renewed electrical factory is ready to offer its space to addicted people from all over the world to Tango for about 2 weeks in La Boca neighborhood, Buenos Aires, Argentina

A little bit of argentinean Slang

Un poco de lunfardo argentino parte II, a little of argentinean slang part II:
Chamuyar=(chat up), conversar a alguien
Versear=Mentir, engañar (cheat, to lie)
Changa=trabajo temporal
Laburo=Trabajo (job)
Torrar=Dormir (sleep)
Morfar=Comer (eat)
Chupar=tomar, beber (drink)
Currar=Estafar, trampear (play a trick, trick someone)