10 ways to understand the Subjunctive in Spanish

1-Dont try to understand the Subjunctive in Spanish, feel it!

2-Think as if you lived in an unexpected and chaotic culture where things change all the time

3-Imagine how it feels not to be able to plan things ahead, when you do it, be sure that you are doing it in Spanish.

4-Study Spanish Subjunctive as if it were easy

5-Listen to people speaking in Spanish, pay attention when they speak and imitate the phrases they use and in the same day, try to apply the same phrases in the correct context next time you want to speak in subjunctive.

6-Be patient

7-Read in spanish everything you find!

8-Be creative in Learning Spanish: watch movies,read newspapers,read the signs,attend cnferences,talk to people,go to the theatre,visit a museum,dont translate.

9-Sit down and study the main rules, dont get anxious, just do it in order to be aware of what you must learn well and properly

10-Practise it!

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