Have you tried using Karaoke to improve your pronunciation skills?

So here we are! we made it to February 3rd and we are happy celebrating that we have a lovely weather in Buenos Aires, clear sky, beautiful mild weather and cool after a horrible hot week in the city of the bookstores and tango. Right now, I find myself teaching , happily enjoying the intense weeks of Spanish Lessons in Buenos Aires thanks to the amazing amount of travelers visiting us during our summer! Right now, Im teaching students from the US, Canada, England, and Netherlands who are really interested either staying in Argentina for a while and get to know the culture or study here for some exchange program, all happy in the beautiful Buenos Aires.

I wanted to share today a nice learning resource for all students of Spanish who would love to improve their pronunciation with a video that helps them to practise either on the phone or the computer. I hope you enjoy it and please leave a comment!