Podcasts in Spanish for curious travelers

One of my favourite learning materials are podcasts and I love to share this passion with all the students and learners all over. Almost for any topic I would like to learn about, podcasts and audios are such a help either when I do stuff in my house or when I travel to work or Im jogging in the park, I have developed so many skills that Im amazed I have also changed the way I approach some aspects of my life due to the change of wrong beliefs. So, if you are learning Spanish or you are planning to, you cant miss one of the first podcasts I used with some of my students to review some specific grammar topics:


Then, I came across this fun and helpful podcast and I loved the concept that is a scottish guy speaking perfect Spanish who has created great episodes via a radio program. Enjoy it!


Spanish on the go

January, 2019

A new chapter begins, we are here, ready to go! I love being in the crazy Buenos Aires teaching Spanish and being a good guide to many other tourist visiting those hidden gems around some of the most iconics neighborhoods. So far, so good and while enjoying the quiet city I have decided to write to you and share some info as I have come across some great resource to start with your own pronunciation and listening practise in Spanish: https://studyspanish.com/pronunciation/listen-and-repeat/intonation_statements 

I hope you enjoy it and please, let me know if you find it easy to use and if its useful.