What the Buenos Aires “cacerolazos” mean?

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The other day I was standing in the corner of one of the most important streets in Buenos Aires, Santa fe and Callao and I realized about people were at 8pm ish smashing their pans, the ones they cook with actually. The sound was loud and there were young people, older, middle class and all of them were angry!. That was part of a protest for what we consider in Argentina restrictive economic measures from the goverment. Technically in the name of the nation, we shouldnt save in usd dollars as it not nationalist, we should explain why do we travel abroad if we do and if you have a field somewhere in the country, you should suffer of new tax adjusted to what the argentinean goverment consider proper, fair and convenient. the truch is that if you have a very small field somewhere in the vast argentinean territory or if you are a middle size producer, you will equally suffer from this.

People are angry, offended, showing biilboards like “No queremos ser Venezuela” (we dont want to be like Venezuela) or “Paren de robarnos” (stop robbing from us!). People not only get angry because of the economic restrictions but also claim for “Seguridad” (security, safety). The increase the crime rate is very important, people get killed for a car, a bicycle or a wallet. “¡Basta de inseguridad!, ¡cuiden a nuestros hijos! (stop insecurity, take care of your children!). Spanish phrases are all over these protests, look at this link from La Nación newspaper where you will find photos and videos: