Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

Get fluent!

Become fluent with interactive activities! Texts, audios and classes which reflect real life situations in which you will learn how to behave and react is the best way to understand porteños on a daily basis. You can become fluent and learn in an effective way when you are supported by high quality and attentive teachers.

Express yourself!

We want you to have the chance to practice your Spanish at “The first Book Club for Spanish Learners”. Join us! We meet at a cafe and a read a particular story which we will use later for discussion in class; you only need to be at an intermediate level to take part in the book club.

Practice Spanish

There is no doubt that “practice makes perfect”, so the more you expose yourself to real-life situations, the better you learn. Just bring your notes and once a week we’ll go to a supermarket, cafe, museum or a clothes shop and let the magic happen! Come with us and share the experience.

Enjoy flexibility

One of our most important values is to be flexible with timetables and study plans. Whether you are a student or working in an office full time, we offer classes after work/class via Skype or at your office . Just let us know what time after work/class you can take the class and we’ll arrange it.

Learn Spanish from your house

We love what we do and we try our best to make it lovely for everyone

Students in action