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Services in English/Spanish

ONLINE SPANISH CLASSES! Learning Spanish online offers students a great opportunity to learn from anywhere in the world, anytime from the confort of your couch. Would you like to know more about the method and options? I´m flexible about the times and the teaching method allows everyone to chose the best online learning plan each of you.

Conference Interpretation

We offer consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services (we specialize in Elections, Foreign Policy, Economy, Business, Oil and gas) Get in touch!

Spanish Classes in Buenos Aires in Company

English or Spanish lessons at the office upon request. I believe that to overcoming language barriers it´s necessary to go through team building activities, business presentations, conversat, among others.

We translate you!

Translation services available for companies and individuals, please send us your enquiry to Our certified translators will check your documents and will pass you along the costs.

Outdoor and Cultural activities in Buenos Aires/Learn Spanish!

We design the best outdoor activities according to your travel plans. We love that your Spanish Language Learning  adds to a great city sightseeing with our local historians, plus the chance of joining a night´s BBQ made by argentineans in the countryside. Also, regular history classes about Argentina.

Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires is also about movie nights! 

We hear all voices, please send us the names of your favorite films! we meet once a week, we talk about the movie background, we usually chose an argentinean one or from other place in Latin America.

Our Spanish Learning Walks 

Do you like to learn by walking? instead of being at the  Spanish classroom we go for a walk though the best spots in the city and we practice our conversation while I help you with some corrections, after that I chose a nice coffee place to stop by and this is when you can request more explanations about the grammar content, ask for the correct pronounciation, etc.  T

We know how to help you to become the best learning version of yourself

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