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  1. My girlfriend (now my wife) and I took Spanish lessons with Gisela for three fairly intensive weeks. We had two daily sessions from Monday to Friday for three weeks to provide us with a base before travelling through Latin America.

    We were both very impressed with Gisela’s classes and the amount that we learned by the end of the three weeks. The classes always consisted of a good combination of professionalism and fun. She even brought us to the art gallery with her friends one night which allowed us to use our Spanish in an everyday environment! Gisela has a natural ability of understanding how a student is most comfortable learning and seems to adapt her teaching methods to that style.

    I would highly recommend Gisela to anyone interested in learning Spanish in Buenos Aires.

    Best regards from Canada,

    Steve and Tania Renelli


    In attending Gisela Giunti’s espanol lessons, I found Gisela to be very friendly, encouraging, thorough and helpful. We tailored a plan to suit my Spanish speaking needs and progressed from there! I found studying with Gisela was an enjoyable environment to learn in and I would highly recommend her and the school as a fantastic way of studying the language. Thanks again Gisela!!!!

    Emily Evans, she is a marketing expert and by now she is travelling around the world.



    I moved to Buenos Aires for three months to take Spanish lessons and experience the Argentine culture. A friend recommended I take private lessons with Gisela. I studied with Gisela for almost three months
and couldn’t be happier with the results! I instantly felt very comfortable with Gisela and her teaching
style. It was obvious to me that Gisela took her job seriously and was genuinley concerned that I learned.

    I never felt pressure from Gisela to study more outside of class or to do homework when I didn’t have
time. Gisela lets you set the pace of the class based on your personal committment of time and energy to
learning the language. She is extremely effective at explaining complex rules of grammar and word usage. 
She celebrates your successes whether big or small. If I ever have the opportunity to return to Buenos Aires I will no doubt call upon Gisela to once again act as my Spanish teacher.

    Christine Brown
San Francisco, CA


    To: Prospective Students of Gisela Giunti

    My name is JP Connolly, I am an American currently studying in a graduate program. I spent time in Buenos Aires in the spring of 2006 and, while there, I studied with Gisela Giunti (I think 6-8 sessions). My experience with Gisela was excellent. She tailored our lessons to my specific needs and created exercises that built my conversational skills. Gisela was always prepared with specific exercises and assignments that focused on my interests, and if I wanted to talk/ask questions about something unrelated she was able to turn these diversions into new useful lessons.

    I would recommend Gisela without hesitation to any potential students.

    JP Connolly


    I would like to recommend Gisela Giunti as one of the best spanish teachers in Buenos Aires! she provides excellent individual tutoring, with classes tailored to fit the student’s interests and needs. Class activities and homework assignments are specifically targeted to the student’s level. Classes are strong on grammar, but also include conversation, cultural topics, and lots of fun! Gisela’s manner is very professional and friendly. She is very patient, speaks excellent English, and speaks spanish very clearly and slowly, so that it is very easy for foreigners to understand!

    Eliza Jane Curtis

 is a graphic designer / artist
 from New York, USA


    During the months of June and July 2008, I attended approximately 12 private Spanish lessons, taught by Gisela Giunti. Unlike many language lessons, Gisela’s classes were tailored to my needs and she maintained a real commitment to grammar as well as the nuances of conversation in Argentina and Buenos Aires more specifically. 
I found the lessons extremely beneficial and was able to improve my Spanish quickly, thanks to the progressive nature of Gisela’s teaching and her ability to pin point exactly where I needed the most help!

    As well as being extremely professional, Gisela has a natural flair for teaching and engages her students in the content. She conveys a passion for teaching and Spanish and helps students learn the language and understand the Argentine way of life. 
I thoroughly recommend Gisela as a Spanish teacher in Buenos Aires and had a great time over the course of my many lessons with her.
    Emily Blyth
, Financial Public Relations 
Sydney, Australia

    I would be more than happy to provide a reference for Gisela. She very
quickly determind my level. I was self taught on arriving in South
America and she helped me to fill in the gaps in my knowledge, and help
reverse the mistakes I was making in teaching myself.

Her lessons were diverse and she was more than happy to concentrate on
 conversational Spanish which I had requested. They moved at a pace I
found comfortable 

My only regret is that I could not afford more time or money in Buenos
Aires with her.

Richard Jones
    Senior Network Engineer for Net-A-Porter (again)
London, UK



    ”I found Gisela professional, knowledgeable and most of all fund to learn with. I came to Argentina with absolutely no knowledge of Spanish and generally awful at languages and felt by the second week I could at least ask for the basics and get around the beautiful city of Argentina. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to make the most of Argentina and the wonderful world of Spanish”
    Harris Gorre

    Investec Asset Management
P: +44 (0)207 597 1997
E: harris.gorre@investecmail.com

    Woolgate Exchange 25 Basinghall Street 
London EC2V 5HA


    Lic. Gisela Giunti is an excellent Spanish instructor. She is organized, hard-working, and very enthusiastic. Also, as a caveat, the Spanish spoken in Argentina has more of an Italian influence, and hence more idiosyncrasies than the Spanish spoken through-out the rest of South and Central America. But, I also can’t imagine a more fun or cosmopolitan town to study in than Buenos Aires!
    Eric Easterly


    U. S. State Department

    To whom it concern
    Michaela and Daniel Willisegger stayed for a one week spanish course at
 Gisela’s place. 
Our goal was to begin our one year cycling trying to get around with basic spanish skills in order to travel in south america. Gisela teached us very well in the 
neccesary grammar and speaking including for specific traveling situations
with the bike. We very liked Gisela, her top skills in teaching spanish as 
well as knowing her as really kind and charmful person. 
We fully can recommend Gisela to everybody.

    With best regards, Daniel and Milou

    What I liked about your lesson was that when I asked only to concentrate on 
speaking we did that. I already knew the basics and couldn’t learn much in 
one week so that was a good mix. After a week I dared to speak, before I did 
not, and after a few weeks traveling through Argentina I only spoke 
Castellano. Gramatically it was not the best, but people understood me.
So, thank you for the nice lessons and hope to see you again sometime, in 
The Netherlands or in Argentina.

    Lisa Hartog

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Be proactive: optimize the time you and your language partner spend together.

For the intermediate and advanced language student, an exchange with a native speaker is one of the best ways to practice conversation, learn colloquialisms, and develop a friendship with a person from another culture. The only problem is that oftentimes these meetings end up covering the same conversational topics again and again, or break down into English.

If you are feeling that your time with a language exchange partner could be more productive, give these techniques a try.

Pick your meeting place carefully.

A favorite bar, restaurant, or cafe are all fun and popular places to meet with a language exchange partner. However, if your meeting place is too loud to talk at a comfortable level, filled with your friends, or distracting in some other way, it is probably limiting what you are getting from each meeting.

Likewise, if you find that your quiet meeting place is making the interaction between you and your partner a bit stiff, than a livelier location might loosen you both up and spark some conversation. Finding an atmosphere that works for both you and your partner is one of the most important things to developing a beneficial and productive exchange.

Establish a schedule

Another impediment to productive classes relationship is establishing a schedule and sticking to it. Be flexible at first and work to find a time that will truly work for both people. If your language partner is constantly calling and canceling meetings, make the effort to reschedule. If the meeting time is a challenge for you, don’t be afraid to suggest a change.

Initiate your own learning

To make a language exchange worthwhile you must take initiative for your own learning. Take time before each meeting to write out a few situations, sentences, questions, or words that you would like to practice in your meeting. If you notice yourself slipping into English, move back into the language you are learning.

Take Notes

A good way to maintain focus in a language exchange meeting is to take notes. Over the course of a conversation, words and phrases that challenge you will come up and taking notes will allow you to capture this language for later study.

Also, the pace of a conversation can be so fast at time, you finish without really remembering what was discussed. Notes taken from meeting to meeting will allow you to plan for the future and decrease the amount of repetition in your conversations.

Focus on communication

Generally speaking, a meeting with a language partner is not the time to ask questions about specific grammar points. It is also not your job to give lessons on English grammar, even if your partner makes frequent errors. Instead, focus on communication. If both you and your partner can express the intended ideas, the exercise should be considered a success.

That is not to say that grammar mistakes should be ignored. If errors interfere with effectively expressing meaning, or your partner is making consistent, specific, errors, they should be discussed when they happen. Just avoid killing the flow with a lengthy discussion of grammar rules.

Use a timer

With some language partners, no matter how much initiative you take, it is nearly impossible to stay on task. For situations like this, introduce the use of a timer. While it does seem a bit stiff and structured at first, keeping formal time for each segment of the meeting can do wonders for focusing the group.

When you use a timer, try to establish periods of time with specific goals in mind. An example might be five minutes of general greetings, ten minutes of sentence review, five minutes of new vocabulary, etc.

Having regular meetings with a language exchange partner is a great way to practice and improve a foreign language. It is also a great way to make a new friend. With a little planning and the use of a few organizational techniques it will be easy to get the most out of the meetings and have fun at the same time.