Do you wan to read in Spanish?; ¿Querés leer en español?

Once students get to the point of feeling more independent and they trust thei skills in spanish they feel like ready to start reading longer texts. Its always difficult to recommend one Latin American book in Spanish as it always has a very descriptive vocabulary with lots of metaphors, for that reason it becomes hard and slow to spend nice time reading in Spanish. I have selected for you a website that could help with what we call in Spanish “Lecturas graduadas”, (readings according to your Spanish Level), in that way, if you are a beginner, A1 is correct, A2 is elementary, B1 first intermediate, B2 you already know the most important past tenses and you can deal with them, C1 Advanced, you can handle the Subjunctive in Present and more, C2, you are ready to read anything you want!


I will be happy to hear you feedback!


¡Buenas lecturas!