5 Advices to learn Spanish efficiently!

  • Learn how to prepare a real and delicious mate. To learn about the names of the ingredients, the preparation details and the verbs in their correct form. Drink it!

  • Become a singer!, Chose your favourtite song in Spanish and do your karaoke at home, your learning ability and pronunciation in Spanish will improve drammatically.
  • Read all the signs in the street of any city specially in Buenos Aires where you will be delighted, not only by the regular signs but also by the use of the slang.
  • Write phrases in your notebook, remember new words, repeat them and then use those words in context.
  • Promote real situations conversations with real people on the street.

I give you 2 weeks to challenge yourself and start learning properly and efficiently-

give me a call 1556160162 and please keep me posted!


Well, lets say you are cooking, lets say you are about to taste the flavour of the new preparation someone possibly your grandmother in Spanish will say something like: “Esta comida sabe a rosas”, this food tastes like roses. So we can use it in the context of  food preparations is one thing, but in the field of knowledge is another story. He knows the thruth will be like ” el sabe la verdad”, so basically in another context the meaning is completely different. Hope it helps!

Hppy readings!