Tell us what you need, we know how to help you

Conference Interpretation

We offer consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services (we specialize in Elections, Foreign Policy, Economy, Business, Oil and gas) You just write us and we design a plan for your conference.

Classes in Company

English or Spanish at the office upon request. We believe that to overcome language barriers it´s necessary to go through Team Building activities, Business presentations, conversational classes, among others.

We translate you!

Translation services available for companies and individuals, please send us your enquiry to Our certified translators will check your documents and will pass you along the costs.

Outdoor and Cultural activities

We design the best outdoor activities according to your travel plans. We can adjust a great city sightseeing with our local historians, also a BBQ made by argentineans in the countryside, cultural talks and regular classes about the history of Argentina.Pick yours!

Movie night for all students

We hear all voices, please send us the names of your favorite films! we meet once a week, we talk about the movie background, we usually chose an argentinean one or from other place in Latin America.

Our Learning Walks

Do you like to learn by walking? instead of being at the classroom we go for a walk though the best spots in the city and we practice our speaking and make the necessary corrections, after that we stop for a nice cup of coffee for the notes.


Why studying with us?

We know how to help you to become the best learning version of yourself

Great learning system

Great learning system

We have been 14 years working with students from all over the world
and we know how to help you over Skype or at our studio in Buenos Aires.


Efficient and professional
Efficient and professional

We deliver a fast and good service and we get adjusted to all needs.
We want you get results in time.

Experience and learn!
Experience and learn!

We provide cultural insight about the Buenos Aires culture and we provide Monday to Friday conversation practices online! You can learn much more sometimes from our interactions online plus corrections while you chat with us, dont miss your chance!

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